Important Information Relating to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis and our Response

Friday 20th November 2020

We have had a long year living with the impacts of Coronavirus on the local community, States, Australia and the world. In looking out to the rest of the world, I think the Australian people have done remarkably well to have coped with the social, psychological and financial challenges that this pandemic has brought. As a nation we should be proud.

As of today, we have had no staff, residents or families, that I am aware of, that have contracted COVID-19.

On behalf of the organisation I would like to thank you all for your sacrifices, efforts and dedication to keep each other safe. It has been an endeavour that has succeeded because of a prolonged focus.

We are at the point that we can settle into processes that will be our “normal” until such time as vaccination is freely available to all in the community. NSW Health in their communication of 17th November, to aged care providers, has made recommendations as to what we should continue to do. We have also considered advice from Dr Rob Grenfell, the Director for Health and Biosecurity for the CSIRO, that was provided this week. The organizations’ Clinical Quality and Risk Committee met yesterday and we have determined our way forward considering the collective advice. Effective from Saturday 21st November 2020 our visiting and admission processes for everyone will be as follows;

1. Continue staff and visitor health checks, including temperature checking.

2. Continue to record where visitors and staff are coming from.

3. Continue with social distancing.

4. Maintain cleaning processes consistent with outbreak management.

5. Sanitise hands often.

6. Staff and visitors to continue to wear masks.

7. Residents to have 2 visitors at a time as per normal visiting hours.

Visits in the aged care facility should be conducted in residents’ rooms, unless the visitor is undertaking an essential care function such as feeding a resident. Residents and visitors are free to walk in the garden and use the outdoor areas but not other common areas within the facility. We will continue to monitor the advice from NSW Health and comply with their public health directives, particularly from time to time where there may be suburbs or local government areas excluded from visiting due to cluster outbreaks.

Kind Regards,
Alasdair Croydon
Chief Operating Officer

Timeline of our COVID-19 communications to residents & families: