Dementia Care

Individualised Care

Mark Moran Little Bay’s Dementia Care Program is highly-awarded; exceeding expectations in physical environment and progressive care needs. Our highly trained staff offer 24-hr clinical support ensuring security, stability and peace of mind for our residents and their families. Our light-filled spaces, designed in a calming palette of blues and greens, ensure an uplifting backdrop. The private garden offers a safe connection from indoors to outdoors and is a relaxing space where our members can enjoy spending time with nature.

Peace Of Mind

Mark Moran Little Bay is industry recognised for a focus on individualised care, high quality environments, leading staff to resident ratios and in depth resident knowledge and connection, with regular interviews and check ins to monitor dementia levels with the best care response.

Our support staff are dynamic, energetic and thoughtful and work together across the clinical/nursing, Allied Health, hospitality, lifestyle, operations and maintenance to provide the most compressive support to residents and their families.

Mark Moran Little Bay is a positive place to work. We offer a dynamic working environment and take pride in the high morale demonstrated by our staff. We value our staff as our strength and as part of our extended family and we take pride in the energy and level of in depth connection our staff offer our residents.

Dementia Care Nursing Home