Our Philosophy

The Mark Moran Group has a family history of over sixty years of leading health and aged care developments.

Our philosophy is to design with integrity, compassion, innovation and community at heart. Our Live Younger Longer environments are designed to support the mind, body and spirit – including maintenance-free living; beautiful, fresh healthy food; and programmes focusing on community, physical wellness and peace of mind.

Our goal is to help each of our members to return to his or her highest level of well being creating a truly happier and healthier life. Social inclusion, social networks and peace of mind is fundamental in our approach. Convenience and privacy, easy-going resort-style living in a vibrant community is the new benchmark that we are facilitating. Our members are the experts on ageing, our elders are our leaders – the Mark Moran Group’s role is building partnerships and providing optimum environments.

What began, as ageing in place has evolved to ageing within the community. The reward is to see our members successfully navigate the transitions of growing older while living independent and healthy lives. Our ‘spirit of life’ ethos forms the core of our belief that growing older can be a period of positive transformation.