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    Covid-19 Update


    With increasing COVID-19 and influenza in the community, it is important that we maintain a high degree of vigilance and continue to take precautionary actions to prevent infection.

    You can do your bit by ensuring that you visit only if you are well. Practice good hand hygiene. Wear a mask when indoors. Have as many vaccinations for COVID-19 and Influenza that are available to you as they can help prevent the need to be hospitalised.


    Our Privacy Policy


    We commit to privacy and confidentiality of the consumers’ personal information. Privacy for consumers may relate to physical environment, possessions, physical needs, personal relationships and personal information. In order to treat a consumer with dignity and respect, we must respect their privacy. We ensure the behaviour and interactions of the workforce and others do not compromise consumer privacy. We respect each consumer’s right to privacy in how we collect, use and communicate the consumer’s personal information.

    Health information is one of the most sensitive types of personal information. It is essential that we respect a consumer’s right to privacy in how we collect, use and communicate health information. We manage all personal information according to law and best practice.



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    Our Philosophy

    The Mark Moran Group has a family history of over sixty years of leading health and aged care developments.

    Our philosophy is to design with integrity, compassion, innovation, and the community at heart. Our Live Younger Longer environments are designed to support the mind, body, and spirit – including maintenance-free living; beautiful, fresh healthy food; and programmes focusing on community, physical wellness, and peace of mind.

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    Your Wellness is Our Focus & Passion

    This begins with clinical: we offer a 24/7 dedicated nursing team, full-time physiotherapists, health instructors, and specially trained chefs and nutritionists. Carefully selected medical practitioners and specialists are on call and onsite medical suites are available if required. Our lifestyle team, offer creatively interactive activities that are tailored to the individual’s needs. Unparalleled excellence in luxurious interior design and well-maintained gardens create a tranquil haven, complimenting our delivery of care.

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