• “Life for me is like a mature wine. It just keeps getting better with age.”
  • “I love being near the ocean. It’s what keeps me feeling alive.”
  • “What keeps me young is spending time with my beautiful grandchildren.”
  • “I love company. If you say ‘Lola, come out’ then Lola’s coming! And that’s the truth.”
  • “I’m fascinated by art and love being involved in life.”
  • “I have spent years attaining wisdom, doing what is right, just and fair for others.”
  • “Always look to make new friends but treasure the old ones too.”
  • “I always remember to paint on a smile”

Important – COVID-19 Update Across Our Facilities

Tuesday 29th July, 2020
As a follow up to our recent communication we would like to keep you informed of our planning and our experience so far. At this time, we have had no instances of any residents, family members or staff having contracted the coronavirus, now more commonly referred to as COVID-19.

Yesterday NSW Health notified all aged care providers in the Local Health District that there are confirmed cases of coronavirus at Potts Point and potentially at Darling Point. Accordingly, they have made recommendations that should be implemented form a public health perspective. In response to the level of concern being expressed by the medical profession and the Public Health Unit we have decided on implementing further measures to protect
the health and well-being of our residents, families and staff.

Effective as of today we will be limiting access to our facilities for all non-essential personnel.
That means as of today, we have ceased allowing all visitors access to the facility. We also highly recommend that residents should minimize their trips out into the community at this time, given the level of risk of exposure that now exists.

Any external health support personnel, employed by, or on behalf of residents, may still attend the facility. They will be subject to temperature testing and exclusion if they meet any of the documented exclusion criteria already in force. The checking process will include if they have attended facilities identified by NSW Health as having had visits from person who may have coronavirus. We will also be ceasing all bus trips until further notice. All multilevel get togethers for residents will also cease as of today. All meetings that involve congregations of residents and relatives at meetings are also postponed until further notice. Residents will not be able to attend the pool or Sol Spa until further notice. We highly recommend that residents do not visit the atrium as it may expose them to risk from visitors to the apartments. Case conferences will be attended by telephone. These initiatives reflect the need to maintain the social distancing imperative.

We will continue to accept residents into our care. The public health system in our area and community services may come under extreme pressure. As members of the community we are morally obliged to assist where we can.
Should we have people interested in admission they will be checked at reception, including against the exclusion criteria, and shown only to the vacant rooms.

No relatives or friends will be admitted to the aged care facilities unless the resident is actively being palliated, or the person currently attends the facility daily to support and care. Additionally, as per our previous communication anyone who presents will also be subject to temperature monitoring. If their temperature is in excess of 37.5 degrees access will be denied.

We are reviewing our communication facilities to provide face to face interaction for residents and families, for example using Skype. Most of our residents have access to facetime and we would encourage interaction during this period, as a non-contact method of engagement, and our staff are ready to assist with any such communications, if and as required.

NSW Health and the Commonwealth governments may make further announcements related to aged care in the coming days which may further impact upon the current arrangements. We apologise for the inconvenience and distress this will cause. However, in the circumstances we prefer to err on the side of caution for all concerned.


Kind Regards,
Alasdair Croydon
Chief Operating Officer