• “Life for me is like a mature wine. It just keeps getting better with age.”
  • “I love being near the ocean. It’s what keeps me feeling alive.”
  • “What keeps me young is spending time with my beautiful grandchildren.”
  • “I love company. If you say ‘Lola, come out’ then Lola’s coming! And that’s the truth.”
  • “I’m fascinated by art and love being involved in life.”
  • “I have spent years attaining wisdom, doing what is right, just and fair for others.”
  • “Always look to make new friends but treasure the old ones too.”
  • “I always remember to paint on a smile”

Important – COVID-19 Update Across Our Facilities


We have taken strides to keep our residents, members, families & staff safe throughout this crisis.

This link will take you to our latest communication for residents & families, in addition to a history of these communications

Covid-19 Information